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Munnin - New features in Munnin 2.0

This is a preliminary documentation for the new features in Munnin 2.0.

Bargain search

  1. Activate the bargain search mode by clicking on the Bargains button (the one with the smily) at the top of the program window.
  2. Select an eBay category in the tree window on the left side.
    Note: Searching the main categories for bargains is only supported in the licenced versions.
  3. Double click one of the bargain search mode buttons to start a new search:
    Bargains   All items with no bids ending within 3 hours and costing at most 1 US$/£/€/etc.
    Last Minute   All items ending within one hour and at most one bid.
    Proximity   Returns all items nearby.
    Hot items   All items with more than 25 bids.
    All items   Will return all items listed in a category or by a seller.
    Customized   Allows searching using the advanced parameters: Remaining time, Maximum no. of bids, Maximum price and Proximity search.

Gallery images

Gallery images are enabled by default if you start Munnin for the first time. You can toggle the images on or off and define the image size:

  • Using the menu View > Gallery image from the main menu
  • Using the toolbar at the left side of the program window
  • Using keyboard shortcuts:
    Shortcut Action
    oder F8
    Toggle gallery images
    Strg-Numpad-/ Increase image size
    Strg-Numpad-- Decrease image size
    Strg-Numpad-1 .. 5 Set image sizedirectly

Search for items by seller

If you are viewing the description for an item and you want to see other items this seller is offering, press the Seller button in the item details (bottom of the program window).

If you want to search for items from a seller and you know his eBay User ID, press the F3 key (or use the Goto ... command from the Member menu):
You can now enter the User ID directly.

You can search for sellers if you do not know the correct spelling of the User ID. It is activated by pressing Shift-F3 (or by using the Find ... command from the Member menu).

Search for store items

Searching for shop items works like the ordinary item search.

All you have to do is activate the advanced search parameters and select Only Shop Inventory as auction Type.

Yin-Yang search

The Yin-Yang search is activated by pressing the corresponding button in the advanced search parameters (the one that looks like the Chinese Yin-Yang symbol).

When activated, Munnin will conduct the search in all categories, but will exclude all items listed in the currently active category.
The active category can be changed by selecting one in the tree window. The active category is displayed in the navigation history at the top of the program window.

Important: The Yin-Yang filter can only be used if a category is selected.
When searching All of eBay or worldwide, the Yin-Yang filter is not available!

Item location alert

This feature is always enabled.

You can view the country where the seller has registered, the item location (specified by the seller) and the platform where the item was listed. This only works for the item currently displayed in the preview window. Just press the shipping costs button (or select More details: Shipping from the Item menu).

However Munnin will already alarm you in the listing window if these three informations do not fit. The item location column will be colored, if the location specified by the seller does not coincidence with his originating country or the platform where the item was listed.

Automatic archiving

The automatic archiving can be enabled in the properties dialog for every search favorite separately.

Important: This only works for search favorites that have been saved before!

  1. Activate your search favorites by clicking on the Favorites button (the one with the heart) at the top of the program window.
  2. In the listing window, select the desired search favorite.
  3. Execute the Properties ... command from the context menu or from the main menu Favorites.
  4. You can now activate automatic archiving using the toggle button in the dialog.
  5. To alter the destination folder, drag the hand symbol from the dialog onto one of your watch folders and release it (drag&drop).

Hint: You can also alter the watch folder by draggind the search favorite directly from the listing window onto a watch folder.

Background scanning

Background scanning can be configured individually for every search favorite via the Properties dialog.
See automatic archiving above how to open the properties dialog.

Important: This only works for search favorites that have been saved before!


Background scan settings

The upper half lets you activate the background scan and define the interval at which scanning should be performed.

Notifications are configured in the lower half::

Notify me, if new items have been found
Munnin will notify you as soon as new items are returned from this search.
Only if Buy-It-Now price is lower than
You will only be notified if the newly listed item has Buy-It-Now price and the price is lower than the one you have specified here.
Hint: Munnin is automatically adjusting the price you enter here by the currency exchange rate for items listed in foreign currencies.
Play sound
As soon as new items are found a sound file will be played.
Hint: you can select any kind of sound file (MP3, own recordings, etc.).
Send email
Munnin will send you an email containing information about the new items.
Note: Email settings are configured in the Connection tab in the program preferences (Menu File; Command Preferences ...).
Show alert window ...
If activated, Munnin will show you all newly found items in a dialog that offers additional actions.
... and play sound
This sound will be played while the dialog is visible.

You can view all items found during a background scan using the Background Scan tab at the top of the program window.

This tab will only become visible after results are available.

Use the navigation history to select the search favorite for which you want to see the background scan results.

HINT: If you want to know whether background scanning is active for a search favorite, you have to activate the search favorite listing and add the column Background scanning.

While a scan is active, two arrows will appear next to the magnifier symbol.

Use the program preferences to specify the mode for all background scans.

The current mode is reported in the Favorites menu: Background scan mode.


Background scan mode
This will prevent the start of any background scan. Currently active scans are finished, but no new scans will be started.
Allow the execution of background scans.
Display warning at program start, if disabled.
Munnin will warn you during program startup, if you have disabled background scanning here.
Notification settings - All enabled
All notifications are allowed.
Notification settings - Silent
Alarm windows will be shown, but no sounds played.
Notification settings - No dialogs
Only sounds will be played. No alarm window will be shown.
Notification settings - Stealth Mode
No notification at all.

IMPORTANT: Munnin will only search for newly listed items, if you have enabled background scanning.

Sounds and warning dialogs are globally enabled/disabled by this dialog.

You can still view all items returned by background scans via the Background Scan tab, even if all notifications have been disabled.


Munnin - your browser for eBay with offline database and sophisticated item watch
Please note that this information has not been updated yet for version 2.


Why should you use Munnin?



Munnin shows all relevant information quickly and clearly:



  • All eBay categories in the tree structure:

    In Munnin you just have to select the desired category, instead of finding the correct category in many steps using eBay's website.


  • Item listing:

    You can browse or search for items in every category.

    The retrieved items can be sorted in any order. In a flash - without reloading the pages from eBay

    Of course you can define which columns are visible in the item listing.

    All visited categories are added to the query history.


  • Item details and description:

    Double click on an item to download its description. The registered version allows you to retrieve the description for multiple selected items by hitting a single key.

    The item preview displays the most important data and the item description including all images. To place a bid, a button will open the item on eBay's website.

    All items retrieved before are accessible through the item history.


  • Download turbo:

    If you have a Munnin-Private licence you can activate the download turbo. This will load all pages from eBay about 5-10 times faster than your normal browser does!


  • QuickSync:

    This feature will retrieve only the most relevant item details from ebay. Depending on your connection, this usually takes just a second or two!


  • Multithreaded:

    Munnin executes all queries in the background. That means you can work in multiple categories at the same time.

    The item description and all images are loaded simultanouesly. You can start reading the description while the images are still loading.

By the way: You can hide parts of the program window, if you do not need them. That gives you more space for the item listing or the item description.

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Item watch

Organize your watched items in structured watch folders.



  • User defined watch folders:

    With the structured watch folders you will not lose track of your watched items. Even if they have originally been listed in different categories.


  • Watching items is so easy:

    To watch one or multiple items, drag them with the mouse into the desired folder. That's all!

    You can also move or copy watched items between watch folders using the drag&drop operation with your mouse.


  • Automatic reminder

    The system folders are giving you a quick summary of all items you are currently watching and while Munnin is running you will be notified automatically before an item ends.

    Additionally, a direct interface to Biet-O-Matic (BOM Homepage) allows you to place last second bids...

    ... and missed bargains belong to the past.


  • More than eBay:

    Items will remain in your watch, even if they are no longer listed on eBay. Allowing you to make longterm price analyses.

    The no. of items you can watch is not limited in the registered Munnin-Private version.

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Search favorites

Searching for the same items regularily is greatly simplified when Munnin is used:

Search favorites


  • Search favorites:

    The no. of search queries you can save in your search favorites is not limited in the registered version (Munnin-Light and Munnin-Impression: max. 3).

    All search queries can be managed in the search listing and are restartet by pressing a single key.


  • Completed items

    Munnin lets you search completed items on eBay.

    That greatly simplifies market analysis for product prices based on past auctions, because now you don't have to watch items and wait until they have ended.

    By searching for specified products in completed items, you can gather relevant data much faster.


  • Multiple search queuries:

    You can start as many search queries as you want and switching between running and finished queries is very easy. This is especially useful, if you are searching regulary on eBay.

    When you start a saved search query you have the choice to download only the first result page or all pages at once.


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Automatic data synchronisation

This unique feature automtically synchronises your displayed items with eBay.

Note: Synchronising items in the listing window is only available for Munnin-Professional, Munnin-Business and Munnin-Enterprise)

Activate automatic data synchronisation


  • Running items:

    While an item is still running, Munnin will synchronize the item data at regular intervals using the QuickSync function.

    This happens automatically in the background without impacting your normal work.


  • Completed items:

    After an item has ended, Munnin will reload all item details once again.
    This only applies to items, whose description you have retrieved before. Otherwise the QuickSync function will be used.


Automatic data synchronisation Settings


  • When to use automatic data synchronisation?

    Automatic data synchronisation can be configured individually:
    Use it in the item preview or in the item listing or in both places.

    You can configure it to synchronize only items you are watching.


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Shipping costs

Shipping costs are calculated and displayed based on your location and the available services.

Shipping costs calculator


  • Shipping costs:

    Munnin automatically calculates the shipping costs for your location and shows them in the item listing and details.

    Munnin will display high shipping costs in red color: Easily spot unresonable high shipping costs and save money.

    The shipping costs are calculated dynamically for all countries!!!


  • Shipping costs calculator:

    Munnin's integrated shipping costs calculator will display the real item costs at a glance.

    Munnin takes the selected shipping service, shipping insurance and costs for additional items into account when it calculates the final item price.


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Munnin supports all English-speaking and German-speaking eBay sites:

Select auction site


English German
USA www.ebay.com Germany www.ebay.de
Canada www.ebay.ca Swizerland www.ebay.ch
Great Britain www.ebay.co.uk Austria www.ebay.at
Australia www.ebay.com.au    


  • International eBay categories:

    You can choose which eBay site you want to use as your standard site and subscribe to the categories of additional international sites.
    Changing the current eBay site is easy using the dropdown menu.


  • Localized item data

    All details for an item are shown in your language. That makes searching and comparing items internationally much easier. Only the item description provided by the seller is not translated automatically by Munnin.




Munnin's integrated database saves your time.


  • Work offline:

    Munnin stores all retrieved items locally on your Computer.

    You can access this data, even if you are not connected to the internet.


  • Description and images:

    All images are stored together with the item description.

    That saves bandwidth and time, because you have to download them only once.


  • User comment:

    Together with every item you can save a text comment and define its background color.

    That makes it even easier to distinguish bargains from expensive items (keyword: hidden shipping costs).


  • Make your own analysis:

    Since Munnin stores all retrieved data in a relational database, you may use Microsoft Access to retrieve data and perform custom data analysis. (Note: Full access to the database is only available with a Munnin-Business or Munnin-Enterprise licence)


  • More than eBay:

    Even if an item is no longer listed on eBay (or removed by eBay police) it will stay in your database.

    You can define how long unwatched items are kept in the database before they are removed.

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