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Everybody knows what a Kaleidoscope is: rotating the tube produces patterns with varying colours.
Identicons are similar to these images except that you don't rotate a ring: the pattern is defined by a number.

Identicon examples An identicon is a small square icon which is built up from smaller basic pattern.

In January 2007 Don Park introduced identicons in his blog to correlate comments to visitors (see Visual Security: 9-block IP Identification).
He used the commentor's IP-Address to create an identicon and display it next to the comment.

Starting with version 2.2.008 Munnin uses identicons to mark sellers individually in the item listing. The identicon assigned to a seller is unique and its shape is derived from the member name.

In contrast to the single colour identicons proposed by Don Park, Munnin uses 2-coloured identicons where the centre and border colour reflect the seller's feedback profile.

The border is coloured in accordance with the following rules:
Colour Total
< 0 OR x < 97%
< 5 OR 97% <= x < 98%
< 10 OR 98% <= x < 99%
>= 10 AND 99% <= x

The centre colour is only depending on the total feedback received:
Colour Total
x < 500
500 <= x <= 2500
2500 <= x

Identicon Interpretation
Icon Border: This seller has less than 97% positive feedback.
Centre: He has received less than 500 feedbacks.
Icon Border: This seller has at least 99% positive feedback.
Centre: He has received between 500 and 2500 feedbacks.
Icon Border: This seller has between 98% and 99% positive feedback.
Centre: He has received more than 2500 feedbacks.


Identicons in the item listing
Context menu

Open the listing header context menu by executing the following menu command View > Listing columns... (or right click on the listing header).

Then enable column Seller Identicon to view identicons in the listing window.

Click on image to enlarge.


To get a better impression the Seller column was enabled as well.

Looking at the screenshot one immediately recognizes if multiple items are from the same seller (rows 191 .. 195).

And the colour code allows a quick evaluation of the sellers reputation.


Displaying identicons automatically

Click on image to enlarge.


Since eBay does not (yet) show the seller on search listing result pages, Munnin can only display the identicon after the item description was retrieved or a quick synchronization was performed.

Munnin-Professional, Munnin-Business and Munnin-Enterprise
To see the identicons you just have to activate the automatic data synchronization for items in the item listing window (see image).
Munnin will then automatically show the identicon for all visible items.

If you want to see the identicons you have to select all items in the listing (keyboard command: Strg-A) and execute a Quicksync (keyboard command: Strg-Enter).
These commands are also available through the listing context menu by pressing the right mouse button.

You will only see identicons for sellers after you have retrieved the item description.


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