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Current version

The latest version is Munnin 2.2.041

Note: The file history.txt contains a detailed version history. This file can also be found in directory C:\Program Files\Munnin\res\english after you have installed Munnin.


Munnin 2.2.041     [28.08.2010]
  • Retrieving the item description was not possible.
  • Searching/browsing all eBay platform was broken.


Munnin 2.2.040     [30.05.2010]
  • Retrieving the item description was not possible.


Munnin 2.2.039     [02.05.2010]
  • Searching was broken on all platforms.


Munnin 2.2.038     [07.02.2010]
  • For a small percetnage of items the description could not be retrieved.


Munnin 2.2.037     [29.11.2009]
  • Retrieving the item description was not possible.


Munnin 2.2.036     [09.10.2009]
  • Searching was broken on ebay.com.


Munnin 2.2.035     [04.10.2009]
  • Searching for items in categories was broken on some platforms.


Munnin 2.2.034     [28.08.2009]
  • Searching for items in categories was broken on some platforms.


Munnin 2.2.033     [06.07.2009]
  • It was sometimes necessary to reload the item description several times until it was extracted successfully.


Munnin 2.2.032     [02.06.2009]
  • Searching for items on ebay.com did no longer work.


Munnin 2.2.031     [04.05.2009]
  • Munnin does now right align all numeric columns in the listing window.
  • Sometimes the item description was not displayed although it was downloaded before.
  • Searching for items on ebay.com did no longer work.


Munnin 2.2.030     [09.02.2009]
  • Searching completed items did not work, because of changes eBay made to the login process.
  • Items were no longer synced periodically, but only once per session (AutoSync).


Munnin 2.2.029     [13.01.2009]
  • New search filter: "Local Pickup".
  • The YinYang search filter was removed, because it is no longer supported by Finding 2.0.
  • Searching for items did not work correctly.


Munnin 2.2.028     [24.10.2008]
  • Searching for items on ebay.com did not work correctly.


Munnin 2.2.027     [09.10.2008]
  • Munnin uses the Finding 2.0 interface now on all supported platforms. See Version 2.2.022 how this affects searching.
    IMPORTANT: Finding 2.0 does not support all features from the old search:
    • Searching for excluding words only does no longer work.
    • Yin-Yang search is no longer supported.
    • Finding items from a specific seller does no longer reliable work (the no. of items returned depends on the platform that is being used to perform the search).


Munnin 2.2.026     [10.09.2008]
  • When searching for items on ebay.at, Munnin uses the Finding 2.0 interface now. See Version 2.2.022 how this affects searching.
  • Searching for excluding words only is no longer possible for all platforms using the new Finding 2.0 layout.
  • Munnin did not find all items when searching on ebay.com.


Munnin 2.2.025     [14.08.2008]
  • When searching for items on ebay.de, Munnin uses the Finding 2.0 interface now. See Version 2.2.022 how this affects searching.


Munnin 2.2.024     [12.08.2008]
  • When searching for items on ebay.com, Munnin uses the Finding 2.0 interface now. See Version 2.2.022 how this affects searching.
  • New column in the listing window: "Price including shipping"
  • Munnin now shows an "X" instead of a "-" in the BestOffer column, if no offers have been made.
  • Searching items did no longer work on ebay.co.uk.


Munnin 2.2.023     [20.07.2008]
  • It is now possible to select multiple items and execute the context menu command "Open in Browser...".
  • Not all (or none at all) items where found when searching for items from a specific seller.
  • Munnin supports now the new shipping services for eBay Germany.


Munnin 2.2.022     [05.07.2008]
  • Searching for items on ebay.co.uk did no longer work, because eBay has switched to the new "Finding 2.0" listing layout.
    There have several changes concerning the new search:
    • The seller is now displayed on the search result.
    • Searching without a keyword is now possible in all categories.
    • Searching with excluded keywords only is now possible in all categories.
    • The following search filters are no longer supported: Seller Type/Yin-Yang/Max. Shipping Costs/Auction type Now&New/Bargain search for featured only items
  • Search user [F3] did not work if the user was not in the database. Munnin reported always that no user with that ID existed.
  • Searching for UserID names is no longer possible, because eBay requires to enter a captcha code to see the results.


Munnin 2.2.021     [26.05.2008]
  • New option in the general preferences: "Start minimised in system tray".
  • New filter in the advanced search parameters: "Maximum Shipping Costs".
  • New filter in the advanced search parameters: "Get It Fast items".
  • The feedback percentage for sellers was no longer extracted.


Munnin 2.2.020     [15.04.2008]
  • Support new shipping services for eBay DE, AT and CH: "Collection in Person".
  • Alas, in 2008 eBay finally delivers its pages UTF-8 encoded. Munnin was adjusted accordingly.


Munnin 2.2.019     [31.03.2008]
  • Munnin does now show the safeguarded highest bidder.
  • All chinese auctions on eBay DE and GB are now always safeguarded.


Munnin 2.2.018     [15.03.2008]
  • All chinese auctions on eBay US, CA and AU are now always safeguarded.
  • Searching was broken on ebay.co.uk.


Munnin 2.2.017     [19.02.2008]
  • Quicksync was broken.


Munnin 2.2.016     [06.02.2008]
  • Galery images were no longer shown.


Munnin 2.2.015     [22.11.2007]
  • Updated the search orders supported by eBay.
  • Retrieving the item details failed sometimes (only if the item has ended).


Munnin 2.2.014     [13.11.2007]
  • Countries and shipping services containing German Umlaute were not detected correctly.
  • Searching completed items was broken.


Munnin 2.2.013     [30.10.2007]
  • Detect and show if the highest bidder is safeguarded for items listed at eBay Germany.
  • Support the new domestic shipping services for eBay US: "Local Delivery" and "Local Pickup".
  • Searching completed items was broken.


Munnin 2.2.012     [25.08.2007]
  • The page number combobox in the page navigation area is now filled more effectively if a search returned many items.
  • Munnin now supports the search order "Country/Region".
  • Searching items on ebay.com did no longer work.


Munnin 2.2.011     [27.07.2007]
  • Windows Vista is now officially supported.
  • Clicking on the galery image in the preview window will now scroll down to the end of the description where the images are displayed.
  • Munnin will now show an error message if the database cleanup fails.
  • The minimum required Postgres version is now Postgres 8.2.
  • Munnin did not stay logged in between program starts, even if the toggle was selected.
  • Searching for completed items on eBay Germany did no longer work.
  • The price for Munnin-Business was greatly reduced.
    The new licence type for large businesses is now Munnin-Enterprise (see Licence types & prices).


Munnin 2.2.010     [27.06.2007]
  • The endtime was not correctly detected when searching for items on ebay.de.


Munnin 2.2.009     [20.06.2007]
  • The item description could no longer be retrieved.


Munnin 2.2.008     [30.04.2007]
  • New column in the listing window: "Seller Identicon". More informations about identicons.
  • The item title is now striked if an item was deleted or ended early by the seller.


Munnin 2.2.007     [24.04.2007]
  • The item description in the database is now updated everytime when an item is reloaded.
  • Munnin will now show when the description was retrieved the last time in the item description header.
  • The download-Turbo did no longer work correctly since this morning.
  • The function "Open Feedback Page in Browser" did no longer work correctly, because eBay has changed the feedback URL.


Munnin 2.2.006     [29.03.2007]
  • Munnin 2.2.005 which was released yesterday contained a bug that has is fixed by this release.


Munnin 2.2.005     [28.03.2007]
  • In some cases the item description for real estate adverts could not be retrieved.


Munnin 2.2.004     [15.03.2007]
  • The item description could no longer be retrieved.
    [This was the first time since 15 month that Munnin was broken for more than 12 hours]


Munnin 2.2.003     [08.03.2007]
  • The "Open in browser" button now acts differently.
    When the world symbol is clicked, the item will be opened directly in an external browser.
    When the arrow is pressed the context menu will be shown.
  • The item cache was increased: it will now use up to 5% of the physically installed RAM.
  • When retrieving all items from a seller by pressing the seller button in the item details, then in some cases these items were not assigned to the seller in the database.
  • Only ebay.com: The item description could no longer be retrieved.
  • Only ebay.de: Munnin did not always detect if an item was ended early by the seller.


Munnin 2.2.002     [23.01.2007]
  • Munnin's automatic data synchronisation will now detect if an item was deleted by eBay.
  • The GUI is now more responsive if many background queries are active.
  • The English resources were adapted and are now consistent with the British English spelling.
  • Munnin will no longer show the User ID if it is safeguarded.
  • Munnin did not detect member User ID's if they started with a "_", "-" or ".".
  • The program update messages were always in German, even if the customer was running the English version.
  • Searching for completed items by seller did not work, if Munnin was not logged into eBay Germany.
  • The price filter did not work correctly on the English-language eBay platforms if the min/max price contained decimal digits.
  • The bargain search on ebay.com and ebay.co.uk did not return items cheaper than 1,00 USD/GBP.


Munnin 2.2.001     [30.12.2006]
  • Searching without specifying any search words was optimised.
  • Under some rare conditions, Munnin detected fixed price and shop items wrongly as being sold.


Munnin 2.2     [13.12.2006]
  • Munnin can now manage all search favorites in search folders.
    Unlike watching items, every search favorite can only be added to exactly one search folder.

    The following system folders are fixed:
    Not assignedShow all search favorites that have not been assigned to a custom search folder.
    AllShow all search favorites.
    MembersShow only those that are searching for items from specific members.
    CategoriesZeigt nur Suchfavoriten die in Kategorien suchen.
    eBay <platform>Show search favorites for the specific platform.
    WastebasketCan only contain deleted search folders.

  • The item description preview was greatly enhanced and is now much faster
    (Munnin uses now the HTMLayout control from Terra Informatica).
  • Munnin can now search in the item description (keyboard accelerator: Ctrl-F).
  • The text in the item description can now be selected and copied to the clipboard.
  • The new function "Find similar items" allows searching for similar items (available through the context menu).
  • The counter value is now stored in the database and can be shown in the item listing.
  • Munnin can now retrieve only the item details without storing the item description and images in the database.
  • Automatic archiving can now be configured to add items only to the folder when they are found the very first time.
  • The background scanning notification emails can now be sent HTML formatted including gallery images for every item.
  • The new property dialogs for categories, members and watch folders shows additional informations about these objects.
  • The "New" button in the online search parameters can now be used to reset all search parameters.
  • Munnin supports now fully the "Best Offer" feature for BIN and shop items.
  • The advanced search parameters were extended:
    • The auction type filter was extended: Adverts; Best Offers; Now&New.
    • The new sort order "Best Match" is now supported.
    • Munnin can now specifically search for items with free shipping.
  • The new bargain mode "Featured" will find all featured items listed in a category or all homepage featured items.
  • Added a context menu to the item description:
    CopyCopy selected text to clipboard.
    FindOpen search bar below item description.
    Find similar itemsSearch for items similar to the one currently displayed.
    Watch itemToggle watch state.
    Retrieve item descriptionReload item details.
    QuickSyncQuickly synchronize item data with eBay.
    Show more detailsShow more item details.
    Open in BrowserOpen this item in external browser.
    Load all item imagesLoad all images (even if they are currently not displayed).
  • The Buyer field will now contain the text "Safeguarded", if the bidder identity is not revealed by eBay.
  • The listing format is now shown with an icon instead of a text in the listing window.
  • The seller/buyer handle will be coloured now:
    • Red : The member is no longer registered at eBay.
    • Orange : the item location specified by the seller is questionable.
  • All watched items will be synchronized once when they are displayed the first time after the program start.
  • The menu command "Favorites > Background scan mode" will now show an error if background scanning is prevented.
  • The automatic data synchronisation settings have been redesigned. There are no longer separate settings for running and completed items.
  • If background scanning results are manually removed then the search favorite is removed from the history.
  • Automatic data synchronisation will only be executed after the local time was synchronised with the official eBay time.


Munnin 2.0.013     [25.11.2006]
  • Detect saveguarded highest bidder correctly for auctions exceeding 200$.


Munnin 2.0.012     [22.11.2006]
  • Only ebay.com: Retrieving the item details was not possible during the last 15 minutes before an item ended.


Munnin 2.0.011     [11.10.2006]
  • The commands "Goto member" and "Find member" member were broken.
  • The shipping costs were not detected correctly.


Munnin 2.0.010     [01.09.2006]
  • The shipping costs and destinations were not detected correctly for items listed at ebay.com.


Munnin 2.0.009     [02.08.2006]
  • Munnin will now detect (none Real Estate) classified adverts correctly.
  • Due to changes at eBay QuickSync was broken.


Munnin 2.0.008     [08.07.2006]
  • It is now possible to specify distances of 3000, 4000, 5000 and 6000 miles/kilometer when doing a proximity search.
  • Searching for running items by seller was broken.


Munnin 2.0.007     [25.05.2006]
  • If an item is opened directly (F2) the details window will now be made visible if necessary.
  • For some items the description was no longer retrieved.


Munnin 2.0.006     [16.05.2006]
  • Munnin will now show a different image in the item listing after the reserve price was met.
  • Added a new system watch folder "Recently finished": this folder will display all items that have ended after Munnin was run the last time.
  • Retrieving the item details was not possible during the last 15 minutes before an item ended.


Munnin 2.0.005     [29.03.2006]
  • When searching completed items, Munnin will now detect if the reserve price was not met.
  • Munnin did freeeze for a minute if a dialog was shown during a drag operation (scrollbar scrolling, drag&drop, etc.).
  • The counter image was not reloaded with the item description.
  • Today eBay started to show the new page layout for item descriptions.


Munnin 2.0.004     [10.03.2006]
  • Munnin uses now the correct system font (Tahoma on Win2k/XP; MS Sans Serif on Win9x).
  • The installed licence will now be shown in the window title.
  • Searching completed items in subcategories without search words did not work.
  • The item description was no longer retrieved correctly for items listed at ebay.com.


Munnin 2.0.003     [28.02.2006]
  • New column in listing window when displaying search favorites: "Background scan: items found". Will display the no. of items that have been found by the background search.
  • Searching eBay subcategories did not work correctly if no search words were specified. In that case Munnin returned all items listed in the category, even if additional filters were applied (bids, price, etc.).


Munnin 2.0.002     [18.02.2006]
  • New option in the "Default Values" program preferences: "Remove store items from normal search queries". Since February 2006 eBay returns additional store items when searching for items. If you want to see the original behaviour again (i.e. only see store items when specifically searching for them), you should enable the store item removal.
  • Right clicking on the seller/buyer button in the item details will now show a context menu to show member related pages in the browser.
  • The background scanning alarm dialog will now show the items in the order they were listed on eBay (newly listed items come first).
  • It is now possible to specify a minimum BIN price when filtering background scanning results.
  • Extended the item web menu: "Report this item to eBay"
  • Munnin did no longer detect when a seller ended an item early.
  • The counters were no longer extracted correctly.
  • If more than 999 result pages were returned by eBay, Munnin did no longer detect the total no. of pages correctly.


Munnin 2.0.001     [22.12.2005]
  • The "Background Scan Alert" dialog was enhanced: It is now possible to go back to the previous item and the listing time is now displayed. The item title should now always be completely visible.
  • If the BIN filter is enabled for background scanning, Munnin will only display the BIN items found in the listing window. Until now all new items were displayed.
  • Munnin will now show a warning, if an online query is started, but no internet connection has been established before.
  • Munnin did not always delete old items at program exit when a JET database was used.
  • Due to changes eBay has made, the shipping costs were not always extracted completely


Munnin 2.0     [11.12.2005]
Please note that the program help has not been updated for version 2 yet.

The product page contains an introduction for the new featues.

  • Munnin supports now the professional PostgreSQL database.
  • Munnin allows you to search for items by seller.
  • Background scanning can be enabled individually for every search favorite.
    • Munnin will then search for newly listed items in user defined intervalls. It will alarm you by displaying a dialog, playing a soundfile or sending an email.
    • A maximum Buy-It-Now price can be specified to search specifically for low-priced items.
    • Combined with the new automatic archiving feature, background scanning can also be used to monitor the activities of specific sellers!
  • Brilliant new bargain search that even works in all main categories:
    Bargains   All items with no bids ending within 3 hours and costing at most 1 US$/£/€/etc.
    Last Minute   All items ending within one hour and at most one bid.
    Proximity   Returns all items nearby.
    Hot items   All items with more than 25 bids.
    All items   Will return all items listed in a category or by a seller.
    Customized   Allows searching using the advanced parameters: Remaining time, Maximum no. of bids, Maximum price and Proximity search.
  • The new Yin-Yang search option will search in all eBay categories, excluding the currently active category.
    This makes finding items easier that are listed in the wrong category!
  • Searching for items in eBay stores is now possible by specifying "Only Store Inventory" as auction type in the advanced search parameters.
  • Munnin does now show scalable gallery images in the listing window.
    They will even be shown, if the seller did not provide a gallery image when the item was listed!
  • Automatic archiving will save all items returned by a search into a custom watch folder.
  • The column "item location" will now be colored, if the specified location does not match the platform where the item was listed or the country where the seller was registered.
  • The new AutoRun option can be specified individually for every search favorite. If enabled, the search favorite will be executed automatically when Munnin is started.
  • The search history allows you to quickly access all search queries you have conducted.
  • New filter options are available in the advanced search parameters:
    • Item condition
    • Seller type
    • Yin-Yang (Exclude category)
    • Auktion type: Store Inventory
    • Sort order: Newly listed
    • Searching worldwide: All additional currencies
  • Minimise to System Tray
  • The wildcard character is now also allowed within words. Examples: game*boy game*?boy
  • New licensing scheme: Munnin licences are now available as yearly subscriptions.
    The Munnin-Private licence was replaced by Munnin-Advanced and Munnin-Professional.
  • And much more ...


Munnin 1.10.013     [08.12.2005]
  • Searching eBay Germany was broken.


Munnin 1.10.012     [18.11.2005]
  • The newly added sort orders when searching online for items are now supported for eBay Autralia, Switzerland and Austria.
  • The item preview pane vanished sometimes completely, if the tree pane was resized.


Munnin 1.10.011     [29.09.2005]
  • Due to changes at eBay, searching/browsing was broken.


Munnin 1.10.010     [07.09.2005]
  • Added support for new shipping destination "European Union".
  • Extracting the item specifics did no longer work.
  • Only ebaymotors USA: Searching/browsing was broken.


Munnin 1.10.009     [30.07.2005]
  • eBay layout changes: Searching ebay.com did no longer work correctly.


Munnin 1.10.008     [17.07.2005]
  • eBay layout changes: Retrieving the item description from ebay.com was broken.


Munnin 1.10.007     [20.06.2005]
  • eBay layout changes: QuickSync and AutoSync were broken.


Munnin 1.10.006     [20.05.2005]
  • Munnin supports now items listed at eBay Schweden.
  • When browsing eBay Austria, Swizerland, Canada, Australia or Great Britain, Munnin will now return only items listed at these sites.
  • Login was not possible if the password contained characters like "&", etc.
  • Browsing/Searching eBay.com was no longer possible, because the listing layout was completely changed. eBay now uses CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).


Munnin 1.10.005     [28.04.2005]
  • Munnin supports now items listed at eBay India or eBay Poland.
  • The tree view supports now automatic scrolling during drag&drop.
  • Loading item details/description on German-language platforms and from ebaymotors.com was broken.


Munnin 1.10.004     [21.03.2005]
  • Munnin now supports searching for typos.
    This feature will increase your chance to find real bargains even more.
    Simple prefix your search word with a tilde "~" to find items were the seller has misspelled your search word.
  • Searching for completed items did not work reliable under Windows XP (login failed).


Munnin 1.10.003     [15.03.2005]
  • It is now possible to see all questions a seller was asked for an item.
  • Munnin could not connect to eBay, if the Internet Explorer was configured to "Work Offline".
  • The image previews at the bottom of the description support now the new gallery image sizes.
  • AutoSync is no longer performed for items deleted by eBay or ended early by seller.
  • The no. of bids and the current bid was no longer extracted correctly, when searching/browsing items.


Munnin 1.10.002     [02.03.2005]
  • Due to changes at eBay Germany, Munnin could no longer retrieve the item description from that platform.
  • On some computers Munnin 1.10.001 crashed at program startup.


Munnin 1.10.001     [01.03.2005]
  • Customer can now configure whether the warning sound is played once or repeatedly (the default) while the warning dialog is shown.
  • Logging into eBay was not possible, if the password contained German Umlaute.
  • Munnin no longer extracted the categories where items have been found in an online search.
  • Munnin did not stay logged in between program starts, even if the option was activated.
  • Munnin did not always detect when a seller ended an item early.


Munnin 1.10.000     [03.02.2005]
  • Munnin can now search for completed items on all ebay platforms.
  • QuickSync: This new feature will retrieve the most recent item information from eBay very fast!
  • AutoSync: This new feature will keep the information displayed in Munnin in sync with the real data from eBay.
  • Limit search queries by no. of bids.
  • Munnin now supports searching by ZIP or City code on all supported eBay platforms.
  • The item progress (details navigation) will now display how old the retrieved item data is.
  • Munnin now supports the service from http://www.toolhaus.org:
    This lets you display only negative feedbacks a user has received.
    Additionally, you can check seller/buyers for mutual feedbacks left.!


Munnin 1.8.003     [23.12.2004]
  • "Open item in browser" was broken.
  • The "Item ending soon" dialog now contains a button to bid on the item.


Munnin 1.8.002     [20.12.2004]
  • Browsing and searching on ebay.com was broken.


Munnin 1.8.001     [23.11.2004]
  • The Andale counter was not updated, if the item description was already in the database and the item was reloaded.
  • When the item details were retrieved the first time from eBay, Munnin sometimes said that the seller is not shipping to the customer's country.


Munnin 1.8.000     [17.11.2004]
  • Munnin now fully integrates and supports the eBay shipping services and contains a comfortable shipping costs calculator, even for international items.
  • Spot expensive shipping costs easily: Munnin will alert you by altering the item color in the listing, if the shipping costs are too high
  • Munnin now supports all new eBay features::
    • Domestic and international shipping costs
    • Now & New
    • Seller's Return Policy
    • Initial quantity
    • Item lots
    • Item condition
    • Search by ZIP code (nur eBay.com)
    • Payment method: Paypal
    • Subtitles
    Since Munnin now can display so many informations in the item listing, the listing header context menu was restructured.
  • The item details dialog was completely rewritten and contains now three tabs: General, Payment and Shipping Costs.
  • You can now hide the item details which leaves more space for the item description.
  • Multiselection was improved: Downloading many items is now much faster and the download status is working after altering the selection.
  • Munnin's integrated item preview was improved and works now faster and more robust.
  • And many other improvements and bug-fixes make Munnin probably the fastest browser for eBay.


Munnin 1.6.005     [26.10.2004]
  • Browsing and searching on ebay.com was broken.


Munnin 1.6.004     [11.08.2004]
  • Browsing and searching on ebay.com was sometimes broken.
  • Images were not loaded correctly, if they were retrieved from a SSL Server.
  • Munnin now uses the standard windows background color for the tree view.


Munnin 1.6.003     [01.08.2004]
  • Browsing categories on ebay DE/AT/CH was broken.


Munnin 1.6.002     [20.07.2004]
  • The button Open in browser in the item navigation opens a popup menu now. This allows you to open additional pages related to the displayed item:
    Item details and bidding history as well as the seller's/buyer's feedback, other items and AboutMe page.
  • The font for the item listing can be changed through the general program preferences.
  • New columns in the item listing: handle and feedback of seller/buyer
  • The user comment and seller comlumn in the item listing is now colored correctly.
  • The GUI state is restored when the program is restartet.


Munnin 1.6.001     [01.07.2004]
  • User may now select the specific end times when brwosing offline.
  • The seller's item details now also show the percentage of positive ratings he received.
  • eBay parsing was no longer working correctly.


Munnin 1.6.000     [01.06.2004]
  • First international release.

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