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Munnin - Search, Watch, Make a Bargain!




Munnin - Ultrafast eBay browser for bargain hunting and market research!

Munnin is probably the fastest and easiest way to uncover the hidden bargains that ordinary eBay users would miss.

Advanced features allow you to conduct in-depth market research that could not be done using the eBay web site alone.

If you use eBay, you cannot afford not to use Munnin!

Look at the benefits...

  • Works with any English and German-language eBay sites
  • Faster than any standard web browser
  • Simple interface that has been optimised to search and watch items on eBay
  • An unlimited number of items and search favourites can easily be organised into custom folders
  • All eBay categories are clearly displayed for quick browsing
  • Supports all listing formats: Chinese Auctions, Dutch Auctions, Fixed Price Items, Shop Items, Classified Adverts and Best Offer
  • The bargain search and powersearch offer many more options than the advanced search on eBay
  • Archive eBay auctions for permanent access, even when they disappear from eBay
  • Watch as many items as you want
  • You always see up-to-date information thanks to the automatic data synchronisation
  • Multiple item descriptions can be viewed simultaneously at the click of a button
  • Choose what eBay information you want to see, including shipping costs, counter, seller, comments and many more

Why Munnin is the best choice for buyers

  • Automatic background scanning means you can see newly-listed items immediately, with a filter for Buy-It-Now priced items
  • Alert notifications by sound or by e-mail when new items have been found
  • Ingenious bargain search modes across all eBay categories help you find last minute auctions, including items with zero bids or items near you
  • Finds items listed in the wrong category or misspelled items (Typo Search) that regular browsers will miss.
  • Warns you of excessive shipping costs or wrongly specified item locations, such as Hong Kong or China
  • Automatic notification means you never miss another eBay auction
  • Individual items can be tagged with a coloured custom comment

Why Munnin is the best choice for sellers

  • Sophisticated completed items search offers features not available on the eBay sites
  • Permanently monitor all listed and sold items from specific sellers
  • Gather long-term market data by automatically archiving items into custom watch folders that never expire
  • Preserves reserve price and BIN information, even if they are no longer available from eBay
  • Analyse listing format options, such as featured, bold, coloured, border, etc
  • Smoothly handles large amounts of data



Free no-risk trial - You have nothing to lose!

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Current Munnin Version

The current version is Munnin 2.2.041 and runs on all Windows platforms:
Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista

Check the system requirements.

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Munnin 2.2

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