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Frequently asked questions buying (registering) the software

The exact licence and shipping conditions are outlined in the End User Licence agreement.

Frequently asked questions:


What licence types are available and what do they cost?

Munnin is Shareware.

Munnin-Light : The free trial version with functional restrictions, but without time limitation.
Licence types for non-commercial usage:
Munnin-Advanced : Our entry level licence. Fully sufficient for your dayly bargain hunt.
Munnin-Professional : For professional non-commercial users, to conduct market research.
Licence types for commercial usage:
Munnin-Business : For small businesses. Includes full access to the Jet-Database.
Munnin-Enterprise : For large scale business users. Supporting the powerfull PostgreSQL database engine.

The commercial versions Munnin-Advanced, Munnin-Professional, Munnin-Business and Munnin-Enterprise are only available as yearly subscriptions.

Detailed information can be found on page Licence types & prices.

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Why are licences only available on a yearly subscription?

Normally shareware is sold for a one-time fee. In most cases, however, you will then have to pay for any major update (so called "Update" fees).

Starting with Munnin Version 2 all licence types are only available on a yearly subscription base.

Our advantage: We can release new versions whenever we want.

Your advantage: You do not have to extend your licence subscription, if you are no longer satisfied with the product after one year.

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What payment methods are offered?
Wire transfer     All customers within the Eurozone can pay us by wire transfer. This does not cost anything if you have an Euro bank account and use our IBAN and BIC to initiate the transfer.
Moneybookers   Moneybookers is an online payment system that allows quick and cost-effective international payments.
Credit card   Additionally, we accept the following credit cards for fast and easy online payments:
Icon Eurocard/Mastercard          Icon Visa          Icon Diners Club

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How does the registration process work?

If you pay by wire transfer, the confirmation email will contain all necessary information concerning the payment. This way customers within the European Union can pay us using the international BIC and IBAN.

After we have received the payment we will send you a temporary licence file. This licence file will remove the restrictions of Munnin-Light.

If you pay by moneybookers or credit card, you will receive the a temporary licence file within 24 hours after you have placed your order and the payment is cleared.

In both cases you will automatically receive your final licence file after the 14 day revocation period is over.

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I have ordered a licence. How do I pay?

The confirmation email you receive from us after placing your order will contain all required information.

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What will be shipped to me?

After we have received your payment, you will receive a licence file removing the restrictions of Munnin-Light.

The licence file is only delivered electronically via email. We will not send the licence file by regular mail.

You will not receive the software on a medium (floppy disk, CD, DVD, etc.). The software and updates are available for download from our web page.

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Where can I download the registered version?

That is not necessary. The licence file will convert Munnin-Light into a registered version.

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Do I get an invoice?

Our company does not have to pay VAT by german law (§ 19 Abs. 1 UstG). Hence, the price does not include any taxes.

On request we will send you an invoice by email.

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Can I revoke my order?

All customers can revoke their order within 14 days without giving reasons.

Revocation instructions will be made available during the order process and in the confirmation email.

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What are the costs for program updates ?

Updates are free during your subscription period, if you have purchased a licence for program version 2 or higher. This applies even if the major version changes (2.x, 3.x, etc.).

Update discounts for Munnin Version 1 customers were only available until May 31st 2006.

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